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Gedore tools quality tools made in Germany since 1919. Gedore Tools For professional applications demanding a maximum of certificated job safety, stability under load and technical perfection. Workshop equipment, spanners, operating tools, torque wrenches, screw drivers, pliers, pullers, vehicle and special tools, sanitary and installation tools, pipe tools, VDE tools, hammers and striking tools, workshop and work lamps, operating appliances.

Quality - Made by GEDORE

Gedore tools one of the few remaining quality tool manufacturers with practically 100% coming from our own production in the core made in Germany range, every year we invest considerable time, money and dedication in the R&D of our products. As a result, new tools are regularly discovered and existing ones refined and perfected. Our extensive track record, expertise and technical competence guarantee the highest possible quality in the manufacture of PREMIUM tools made by Gedore. What demands our utmost attention are the requirements of the DIN and ISO standards requirements which we more than meet. The made in Germany stamp of approval is still synonymous with reliability, safety, innovation and long-life in the world ?values very much underscored within the GEDORE Group. As such, these standards are also adopted by our international production facilities producing solely for their own markets. In achieving this, we employ every day some 3,000 staff worldwide and 600 at our main Remschied base.




Gedore tools is the leading supplier of hand tools to both the private the industrial user. Gedore Tools maintains these exceptional standards are achieved by always using the best possible materials in the manufacture of these high quality hand tools.

Gedore tools has been making quality tools for more than 85 years.Gedore tools that are chosen by professional users, and which are backed by Gedore good name. This means that our customers can always rely on optimal material properties, perfect ergonomics, maximum safety and long life in Gedore tools.Gedore tools continuously invests in production technology and development of their products. The Gedore tools Group embraces large number of specialist tool companies, manufacturing world-renowned branded products, GEDORE, OCHSENKOPF, KLANN, METEC, GEDORE Solutions, METEC Care, LÍSOMAT, TORQUELEADER, carolus, ALTAS und ROBUST providing users with a wide product range from a single source.


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