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Beta Tools Quality is synonymous with guaranteed safety and reliability. Beta Tools is Top quality hand tools from Italy, Beta tools guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of its tools. Beta Tools offering the widest choice for all industries, proffesional and trades.Beta tools remarkable italian design with involve active in motorcycle & formula one sponsorship.Since 1995 Beta tools manufacturing processes have complied with the ISO 9001 Quality System standards (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008).

A value safeguarded through stringent, accurate tests, carried out for each of the phases that help a simple idea to be transformed into an irreplaceable working instrument. Our experts rely on highly sophisticated equipment to steadily test the following:

-Raw materials -Manufacturing cycle -End selections -Packaging

In order to test and innovate the products, Beta Utensili entered the Formula 1 world.

In 1975 Beta tools scored its first victory: the orange Beta Utensili March driven by Vittorio Brambilla won the Austrian Grand Prix in Zeltweg, in the pouring rain. Beta tools would be involved in the motor racing world in the following years as well, supporting some prestigious teams; such tradition is being substantiating through the current partnerships with the Scuderia Ferrari and Yamaha MotoGP Racing Teams.

Beta tools is a leading manufacturer in Europe for premium hand tools. Beta quality hand tools are used in a wide range of industries, such as automotive services, manufacturing, assembly, electronics, aviation and oil & gas industries. Beta hand tools offers a wide range of industrial quality products.


Beta Spark-Proof Tools/Beta non-sparking safety tools are specially designed for remarkably safe operation in areas subject to explosion hazards, where any liquids or flammable gases are available, or for any applications that require perfectly antimagnetic, highly corrosion resistant tools. Beta tools prevent any sparks from being produced while using the tool:because they are made from a special Copper-beryllium (Cu-Be) alloy, spark-proof properties harmonize with mechanical resistance. This special alloy, which has been extended to the whole new range of Beta's Spark-Proof Tools, Means the best possible choice for such application. In addition, based on our know-how and expertise, which we have boasted for over 70 years, each tool stands out as finely developed and refined, for example, in terms of ergonomic properties and design, with a view to achieving matchless quality.Beta tools is synonymous with high quality standards in relation to every single tool, as the result of painstakingly checked materials, based on both accurate physicochemical tests which make it possible to ascertain that they are perfectly fit and visual tests for their functional characteristics.Beta Spark-Proof Tools deliver unsurpassed performance, while satisfying safety requirements in several fields of application, including the following :-

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